LOLYLOLXY.COM SoCal ValBirth nameSoCal Val.Independent circuit 2002presenteditMayo was approached by a promoter at a wrestling show and offered the possibility of being a manager.5 She debuted in March 2002 for the Golden State Championship Wrestling independentpromotion in Anaheim California.4 She acted as the manager of Pinoy Boy. She promptly betrayed him by berating him after he was defeated by Scott Lost and then left with Lost. From the age of fifteen she acted as a manager ring girl and timekeeper.4 She appeared for several other promotions in Southern California before her family moved across the country to Orlando Florida when she was sixteen. Mayo developed the character of SoCal Val a wealthy petulant ruthless villain who was based on Stephanie McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment WWE whom Mayo admired.SmackDown 20141105 174056sigh OMG how I miss Karen Carpenter and SO sad and senseless how she died because people called her fat She was so beautiful gifted and a voice like an angel. She was only 21 when she recorded that song. Blacklist user camtocambae.comBookmarkAdd to favoritesA picture is worth a thousand words they say and to elaborate on that idea a video must be worth a thousand pictures then. Our media section contains youtube video links to some of the best female wrestling out there. Youll find links here to WOW GLOW POWW WWE LPWA Joshi Puroresu Lucha Libre Femenil and generic womens wrestling. XVIDEOS.COMVIDEOS.COMVIDEOS.COM Please NOTE Content seen on this web sites galleries have been authorizedlicensed for use on this site only. If you download and reuse the content for another site or Yahoo Group you may well be in violation of the Copyright Owners legal rights and could face legal action. In other words do not hot link or steal content that you did not acquire from the legal owners of that content. Play fair play nice. Thanks. Copyright holders sick and tired of having to chase down pirates and those who make illegal use of your hard worked for content Check out Guardlex for your DMCA take down order needs. Click on logo to find out more...31 DEC 2015 Traci BrooksTracy Brookshaw born May 22 1975Contents4 In 2000 she won the Toronto Sunshine Millennium Calendar contest which led to her being named Miss June 2000 and interviewed in the In her interview Brookshaw said that she aspired to be the next WWF Superstar.5 This led to her being introduced to Ron Hutchison a professional wrestler who operated the Sullys Gym professional wrestling school out of Toronto Ontario. Brookshaw began training under Hutchinson in March 2000 and debuted in January 2001 as Tracy Brooks.Professional wrestling careereditIndependent circuiteditBrooks appeared with numerous independentpromotions including Border City Wrestling and the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation AWF. During her time in AWF she worked a program feuding with La Felina and was managed for a short time by Canadia BookmarkAdd to favoritesIn a facesit the victim is on her back faceup on the mat or floor as the attacker quite literally sits down on her face covering it with her posterior. Dont let the highly visual nature of the hold fool you. It is one thats extremely painful and uncomfortable for the victim not to mention spiritbreaking. Because a facesit causes such an extreme predicament we decided to catalog it as a submission hold as more often than not the relief for the victim is only brought about by submission although it is used as a pinning maneuver too. A facesit can be a front facesit which is basically a slidforward variation of the schoolgirl pin. It can be a reverse facesit when the attacker rides the face of her victim facing her legs a squat facesit or even a sidefacesit. There are countless variations of the facesit with the attacker locking up the legs of her victim in a jackknife fashion effectively smallpackaging her hooking her legs back by the ankles to immobilize them spreading them and holding on to them at the knees etc. Possible escapes when trapped in a facesit there are several ways you can lose the match and very few that will get you out if it. Youll either be counted out as your shoulders are on the mat or youll submit. You can attempt bridging out of it which is much more efficient than trying to push your attacker o